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Environmental Footprint, LCA, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint.

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Environmental Footprint

We calculate the Environmental Footprint of your product and/or Organization according to EU recommendation.


We help you get the certification in eco-labeling schemes (Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint, EPDs).

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We can work on your Strategy for Sustainable Communication to strengthen the reputation of your brand.

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This is a brief chronological summary of our experience:

    PEFCRs Olive Oil Technical Sec.

    CO2 Consulting has been selected to develop the Technical Coordination of the Environmental Footprint Pilot Olive Oil Technical Secretariat for the European Union. The project is conducted in coordination with the Institute for Environment and Sustainability of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the EU and consortium of more than 20 public and private organizations in Greece, Italy; Portugal and Spain.

    The scope of the project is drafting the Environmental Footprint Product Category Rules (PEFCRs) Olive Oil.


    • Technical coordination of an EU
    • International project.
    • Multi-sectoral integration of producers, packers, business organizations, research centers, etc.
    • Development of the pilot environmental footprint in olive oil companies.

    EPD verifications

    Mar 02,2014

    EPD verifications

    CO2 Consultancy team has, among its members, auditors approved for certification under PCR environmental footprint calculations. Throughout our history, we have certified more than 20 EPDs within the scope of product certification Environdec PCR.

    Our auditors have certified experience in national and international projects in a wide range of industrial sectors.


    • Approved independent auditors.
    • Environdec operation under standard PCR.
    • Experience in international certifications.
    • Flexibility for certification in several industrial sectors.

    EPD Declarations

    Mar 02,2014

    EPD Declarations

    CO2 Consultancy team has, among its members, auditors approved for EPD Declarations. Throughout our history, we have certified more than 20 EPDs within the scope of product certification Environdec.

    Our consultants have certified experience in national and international projects in a wide range of industrial sectors.


    • Approved independent auditors.
    • Operation under Environdec standards.
    • Experience in international certifications.
    • Flexibility for certification in several industrial sectors.

    Olive Oil Environmental Footprint

    Environmental Footprint Calculations (including carbon footprint) for the National Association of Olive Oil Producers, with development of pilot tests for the adaptation of developing PEFPCR Sector. The PEF criteria were validated in coordination with the Managing Industrial Association team.

    It has conducted a screening study for theoretical modeling of lifecycle and validation against real data from farms and mills.


    • Design life cycle inventory.
    • Development of specyfic software to support the calculation.
    • Inventory development lifecycle under ISO 14044.
    • Determination of the environmental footprint.

    First LCA and Carbon Footprint of a wind turbine

    Collection, verification and registration of the carbon footprint for a wind turbine. The turbine itself has been considered as a functional unit.

    Within the scope of calculation includes design Inventory Lifecycle accordance with ISO 14044 and PCRs, Evaluation Inventory Lifecycle (LCIA) and memory life-cycle assessment according to ISO 14044 and PAS 2050: 2011.


    • Developing of LCA Report.
    • Verification of wind turbine carbon footprint.
    • Training day and presentation of results.
    • Estimate of emissions avoided by wind turbine system, during the life of the wind turbine.

    Carbon Footprint for Transport Cluster

    Reporting of Carbon Footprint for 5 companies of the Transportation Cluster. Reports have been made according to PAS 2050 and ISO 14067 criteria, customized for each company.

    It has been carried out training sessions for companies technicians, with results presentation and interpretation of report.


    • 5 companies real time simultaneous work.
    • Data integration into the cluster system.
    • Specific training for each company.
    • Industry pioneer project.

    Carbon Footprint in Paint Booths

    Calculation of the carbon footprint associated with a paint booth, considering a scenario Cradle-To-Gate (C2G), including construction of the cabin and client installation. An inspection of the production, verification of process diagram and installation operations are performed.

    Pioneer project in painting booths industrial sector.


    • First company in the calculation of Carbon Footprint into this industrial sector.
    • Final verification report is issued and certificated.
    • Specific training sessions for the technicians of the company.
    • Development of an application for calculating in future scenarios.

    Water Footprint in Wine Cellar

    Development of a combined project to calculate the carbon footprint under PAS 2050: 2011 and according to the Water Footprint Water Footprint Network, for a wine cellar in Spain.

    The project includes the determination of all GHG emissions of agricultural, transport, packaging and distribution phases of the product as well as the blue, green and gray component of the water footprint in the considered functional unit, 1 liter of wine aging.


    • Calculating combined Water and Carbon footprints, saving costs for the customer.
    • Training of customer´s technical staff.
    • Development of an extensive project report.
    • Calculation of positive externalities of product in terms of absorption of CO2 and water saving.

    PAS 2050 Agrifood

    Mar 02,2014

    PAS 2050 Agrifood

    First calculation of carbon footprint in Spain, based on PAS 2050, verified by an independent third party, internationally accredited (wine, olive oil and cherry tomato).

    The project includes development of a specific methodological guide for calculating the carbon footprint for food products in the Mediterranean area, adjusted to the reality of the agricultural area.


    • Development of a methodological guide PAS 2050 application in food processing industries.
    • Management of the whole Project.
    • Five pilot projects in industries.
    • Project developed by collaboration between government, business organization and companies.

    Offshore platforms

    Mar 02,2014

    Offshore platforms

    First Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of a leading manufacturer of chains for oil rigs and offshore moorings Spanish company.

    Vicinay Cadenas has been the first company in the naval sector (worldwide) to provide information of the impacts of their production process, from the mill to the end of product life.


    • The EPS is one of the best known environmental systems to customer information.
    • The project was presented at the International Congress in Stockholm EPDs.
    • Integration into the team of Environdec.
    • First EPD in this industrial sector.

    EPD in Wood Sector Board

    First international methodological guide in the field of wooden board (8 leading firms in the sector) for development of EPDs, implemented in major plants in Spain and Portugal.

    Development of PCR (Product Category Rules) applied to wood fiber boards. Development Climate Statements for SONAE production plants and FINSA.


    • Coordination of 8 companies from the sector.
    • International project.
    • Certification of 2 participants plants.
    • Extended to other products of the sector.

    Concrete Carbon footprint

    CO2Co has been a member (with DNV), of the verification team the first application for calculating the corporate carbon footprint for quarries, cement and concrete for CEMEX.

    This project has been presented at the Conference on Climate Change United Nations (Conference COP 16).


    • First HC calculation application in sector.
    • Integration of our team in a multinational company.
    • International field project.
    • Multi-site and scalable for future developments.

    Broadcasting GEI Inventory

    Detailed inventory of emissions according to the GHG Protocol. In this study we´d analyzed and inventoried multisite activity areas of the company.

    We performed a study of emissions from the phases of: works, infrastructure, installation, operation, maintenance and activity headquarters.


    • First corporate GHG emissions inventory in the broadcasting sector in Spain.
    • Identification of the main sources of GHG emissions.
    • Design of GHG emissions reduction measures.
    • Development of an Action Plan for mitigation of GHG emissions.

    LCA of a Laser Marking Product

    LCA comparison between laser marking product against conventional labeling. The demonstration of improved environmental sustainability of innovative technology over conventional existing, is a cross evaluable aspect of any project likely funding through European calls H2020.

    This is the first project life-cycle assessment (LCA) comparison between the laser marking versus conventional marked for LaserFood company, tested in Spain.

    This product marking system allows label products without adding any substance that could affect the conditions of food product quality.


    • Innovative eco-labeling system.
    • Joint development with the technical team of LaserFood company.
    • LCA calculations of marking equipment for different products.

    Carbon Footprint Value Chain

    Development of the most ambitious to date in the calculation of carbon footprint of the food sector project.

    The project includes 20 Spanish agricultural cooperatives, for the analysis and implementation stages of production on 10 products "cradle-to-cradle". It has made a comparison of the results of calculating the carbon footprint of food products comparing different existing regulations.


    • Integration of 20 cooperatives in the same project.
    • Development of a pioneering project in the sector.
    • Cross and direct application to other cooperatives.
    • Scalable project to other sectors.

    EPD and Carbon Footprint in Olive Oil

    Environmental product declaration and water footprint in olive oil.

    First EPD in olive oil in Spain and combined water footprint study according Water Footprint Network.

    This strategy ecolabelling has been a competitive product differentiation versus other premium olive oils.


    • Integration of two eco-labels on the same LCA, generating a cost savings project.
    • Development of a pioneering project in the sector.
    • Direct application on business strategy.
    • Elaboration of an infography for results presentation.

    Development of a Carbon Footprint Scheme

    Technical Assistance Project to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucía for the development of the Decree of use of the mark "CO2 verified" and associated verification scheme.


    • Project logo design and brand use.
    • Definition of a regulatory environment.
    • Definition of an accreditation system.

    Carbon Footprint Software for Regulatory Council

    Software development fot the Calculation and verification of carbon footprint in a Regulatory Council.

    The Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin "Montilla-Moriles" has been made available to the wineries of the frame, an easy tool to calculate the carbon footprint of their wines according to PAS 2050.

    In turn, the tool facilitates the process of verification by the Council to integrate into its management software.


    • Participatory project between an inspection body and member entities.
    • Incorporating an easy to use software into standard office tools.

    Copper LCA Tool

    Apr 14,2015

    Copper LCA Tool

    University of Concepcion in Chile has developed a LCA tool for three copper products and needed an external validation.

    The external validation process consisted of a technical review of the LCA itself and checking of the calculation process of the tool.

    In turn, the tool facilitates the process of verification by the Council to integrate into its management software.


    • Collaboration with an international university.
    • independent review.
    • Software validation.
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